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  • 09 Sep 2022 7:59 PM
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    Thank you, April, for the email about the All Candidates' meeting at Ryde on the 14th!  

    Let’s hope the KLRA does not make the same unforgivable mistake made by Steve Wild 4 years ago. It was a shocking reversal of promise and it improperly affected the election.  Anyone with any self respect would have resigned !  Anyone with any Integrity would have resigned by now. 

    Can you hear Don Vito Corleone making his offer?  Move to another ward and I will guarantee that the mob will support you. Stay in your ward and I will make sure that the mob will support someone against you. It is the good old fashioned “protection racket”.  A Mob favorite !

    And………speaking of All Candidates meetings, who had the moronic idea of asking questions that must only be answered “yes” or “no” ?   Seriously?  What part of the world lives in pure Black and White? Our lives, our decisions, everything we do are a variety of shades of grey. Nothing, especially complicated matters such as Municipal governance, can be answered with a simple minded “yes” or “no”. 

     If they can, Mr. Lawton Osler, or to whoever the uncomprehending simpleton was that you allowed to embarrass the general public, please answer me this,

     “Have you stopped beating your wife?”

     You are only allowed to answer “Yes” or “No”.

    Several Lake Associations did not embrace the petty thug Tony Soprano approach nor did they embrace the Slate of Candidates approach. To them, I offer my congratulations for having their own clear minded independence and a mindful approach to allowing independent thought and respect for their member’s ability to reach their own conclusions. 

    My Lake association folded like a cheap tent. They joined the Cabal.  The Kahshe Lake Ratepayers Association, to which I, and a couple of generations before me, have been a member either directly or through the predecessor Housey’s Rapids Cottagers’ Association, interviewed Candidates relevant to our Wards plus District Candidates and Promised them they would Not produce a slate of candidates.  And……the next issue of the Kahshe Krier fulfilled that promise.  Interviews were published in the Krier without editorial comment and we, the reader, were allowed to come to our own conclusions as to who might be favoured with our vote. A most appropriate approach.

    Not weeks later, members of the KLRA were presented with a slate of candidates with the same unctuous, if not silver-tongued and oily, rationale as to why we should seriously consider the slate as presented. Why?  Given the modus operandi of the Cabal I have to wonder what inducements were offered to make the KRLA abandon their principles. I am appalled they broke their promise and, as for presenting a slate of candidates, I can only say that I am disappointed in their behaviour beyond words. 

    None of this does anything to help bond a partnership between seasonal and full-time residents – it only makes it more difficult. These approaches need to change and the changes don’t have to wait until the next election. 


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