Good Neigbhours' Resource Book

The "Good Neighbours" Resource Book is a compact compendium of things you should know and some  you must know.

Originally published in 2002, with a refresh in 2007 (thanks to the Kahshe Plan Implementation Committee), the most up-to-date version was created by the COM committee in 2014. 

You can view the book here: 2014 Good Neighbours' Book

The content of "Good Neighbours" Resource Book has been adapted for this website. 

The table below shows the index of the booklet and with links to the content can be found on this site.  You can just click on the available links to go to the material.

The column labelled Regulations indicates material that explains government regulations that you must know, and follow.

 Resource Book Topic  Website Location  Regulations
 Emergency  Emergency  
 Useful Telephone Numbers  Emergency and Associations and Links  
 Kahshe and Bass Lake Statistics  About the KLRA / About the Lakes  
 Water Quality  Natural Environment / Lake Stewardship  
 Boating With Respect  Discussion Forums / Boats and Boating  
 Noise  Discussion Forums / Environment  
 Embrace the Night  Natural Environment / Embrace the Night  
 Testing Your Drinking Water  Natural Environment / Lake Stewardship  
 Shorelines - The Ribbon of Life  Natural Environment / Shoreline Protection  
 21 New Ways to Think Green  Natural Environment / 21 Ways to Think Green  
 Map  Our Lake Plan / Lake Plan Documents  
 Fires in Open Air Guidelines  Natural Environment / Fires in Open Air  Yes
 Undeveloped Shoreline  Development / Undeveloped Shoreline  
 Loons - Our Endangered Neighbours  Natural Environment / Wildlife  
 Nagaya Beach  About the KLRA / About Nagaya Beach  
 Pesticides - Designed to Kill  News (look for Pesticide Legislation item)  Yes
 Garbage, Recycling and Hazardous Waste  Natural Environment / Garbage  Yes
 Building and Renovation Guidelines  Development and Development / Building Permits  Yes
 A Challenge to New Builders/Renovators  Development / Challenge to Builders  
 Kahshe Lake Conservation Committee  Member Zone / Board and Committees (sign-on required)  

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