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Oil Painting by Janet Wilson

Both volumes of The Healing Waters of Kahshe Lake were great successes when they were launched in 2005 and 2007 respectively. However, they did not manage to encompass the whole area of the lake or include the entire history of the lake. More stories, more pictures, more documents.
The site you are on is a direct extension of The Healing Waters. It has stories and photographs that tell of early days on the lake, but it also includes more recent stories of people who have come to cottage on Kahshe and find a home in the wilderness.
I hope that  this material will continue to provide a focus for those of us in the Kahshe family who seek to preserve the peace and quiet that we find here and that is threatened by those few individuals who are so careless with the environment and so lawless in their boating and cottaging behaviours.
Let us leave the city and the suburb behind, and try to keep this place clean and peaceful forever.
                                                                                              --Clare Henderson, Editor-in-Chief
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