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Kahshe Lake Plan - Background Information and Process

The Lake Planning process is described in detail here. You will find key documents that resulted from the Lake Plan.

Lake Study

The most exciting project that the KLRA has undertaken is the Lake Study began in 2000 in conjunction with the Houseys Rapids Lake Residents. The need for a lake study and plan became more and more evident as more cottages were being built, more boats were appearing, more redevelopment was taking place and more people were using the lake.

The Healing Waters of Kahshe Lake

Until recently, the official criterion for allowing more development on the lake had been water quality. Although the high quality of the lake water is absolutely critical for cottagers and other lake users, there is a wide variety of considerations that impact on the quality of life here on Kahshe Lake -- the birds, the wildlife, the fresh air, the abundant fish, the peace and quiet. There are, of course, concerns about life at the lake -- the speed and roar of boats, the increasing pollution of the air and water, the sound of unasked for music crashing through the trees. Times have changed and the traditional concept of cottages and cottage life has changed. That is why the KLRA felt that a lake study was needed and appropriate.

What is a lake study?

The lake study was undertaken by a consultant experienced in these matters. There was scientific analysis of the lake water and a survey of the various habitats around the lake. The unique social aspects of life at the lake were analysed, all of this with the view to creating a coherent plan that the lake associations can use as the basis for their actions in the future. The whole idea of a lake study and a plan of action for the people who cottage here is the preservation and maintenance of the water, the air, the environment as well as the quality of life on the lake.

The Initiation:

Under the leadership of Chris Markey, then President of the KLRA, the membership initiated a feasibility study at the general meeting on July 1, 2000. The feasibility committee reported to the executive of the KLRA in January 2001 and recommended that the study could and should be carried out. At the same time, Eleanor MacLean and Clare Henderson designed and ran a survey of KLRA members.

KLP2001 Committee

As a result of the January meeting, a committee called the Kahshe Lake Plan 2001 headed by Eleanor MacLean, Chair, and Clare Henderson, Secretary, was formed to initiate and supervise the lake study and the plan that would be an outcome of the project.

The committee created a fund raising plan to ask governments, organizations, businesses and people to donate to this conservation initiative.

The Lake Plan

There are four stages to the creation of a lake plan: initiation, study, plan, and implementation.  Here is a review of the process.

  • The Kahshe Lake project was formally initiated at the July 1, 2000 general meeting of the KLRA by a motion which created a subcommittee to study the feasibility of carrying out this very ambitious plan.
  • The KLS2000 committee reported to the KLRA Board of Directors in January 2001 and recommended that the project move forward.
  • The KLRA Board created an ad hoc committee called the Kahshe Lake Plan 2001 to oversee the study and the creation of the plan.
  • After the July 1, 2001 general meeting endorsed the expenditure of money to carry the project forward, the KLP2001 committee contracted with a local consultant to carry out the research and write the plan.
  • The fund raising campaign began and the project was off the ground.


  • The plan includes recommendations that the KLRA and HRLR can follow to meet its goals and achieve its mission. These recommendations are now posted on this site.
  • This is the most difficult time. In the years that follow the study and issuing of the plan, the KLRA and HRLR organizations must keep the actions recommended by the lake plan on every agenda.
  • A committee called the Kahshe Lake Implementation Committee (KLPIC2002) has been formed to carry out the plan.
  • Several initiatives began in 2002 and 2003, which will be on-going. Those initiatives are described in The Kahshe Lake Plan elsewhere on this site.

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