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Lake Plan Initiatives

The Kahshe Lake Plan, published in 2003, proposed nine initiatives.  These initiatives were planned to be implemented over a number of years - most continue to be worked on to this day.

Each on the nine original initiatives has its own page in this section.  As well, you can find more information on many of them in the menus at the left.

The Kahshe Lake Plan Initiatives

  1. Land Use Planning - The Kahshe Lake Plan and Its Implementation Through Zoning
  2. Heritage Properties
  3. Land Trust and Conservation Easements
  4. Political Action Group
  5. Environmental Management
  6. Education and Communications
  7. Kahshe Lake History
  8. Docking and Parking Facilities for Water Access Properties
  9. Administration


Go to Lake Plan Implementation for a description of how the KLRA organized itself for implementing these initiatives.

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