Land Use Planning – The Kahshe Lake Plan and Its Implementation Through Zoning

The Plan

  • Prepare the Kahshe Lake Plan as an amendment to the Town of Gravenhurst Official Plan and submit it to the Town for adoption and approval;
  • Identify with Town staff specific changes to the zoning by-law to implement the revisions to the Official Plan;
  • Work with the Town to update its policies and procedures respecting road allowances leading to water and shore road allowances;
  • Road Allowances leading to water should continue to remain in public ownership, as part of the lands that are not developed on the lake.
  • Shore Road Allowances could continue to be closed where needed to accommodate existing structural development.
  • Consideration should be given to NOT closing shore road allowances that are not to be built on, to provide for shoreline protection;
  • Alternatively, the Association and the Town could explore the opportunity/feasibility of attaching conservation easements to such shore road allowances that are conveyed to abutting owners, to ensure that the impact of shoreline development be minimized.
  • Special provisions on boathouses to ensure they are at a scale that is in character with the lakes.

Kahshe Lake Ratepayers' Association (1994) Inc. (KLRA)
PO Box 1318, Gravenhurst, ON, Canada, P1P 1V5
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