A Challenge to New Cottage Builders/Renovators

So you have acquired a building lot or property on beautiful Kahshe Lake and now you are considering what to do with it.

You picture a large impressive state of the architectural art cottage with magnificent views in every direction.  But wait! Think what Kahshe Lake would look like over the years if every lot and every cottage was improved, built or renovated to follow this pattern.  It would start to look like Professors Lake in Brampton, for example - a lake surrounded by the city.  Is that what attracts you to this Muskoka setting?

It is the sparkling dark water, the classic rocky shoreline, the wonderful natural treeline, the sense of nature, peace, even wilderness that nourishes our well being and sustains our souls if we give it a chance.

So your challenge is to build a wonderful cottage with all the comforts of home, the great views, and the “magic” of cottage country without losing the special qualities of the lake mentioned above.

Try going out in a boat and looking at your property from the water.  Think of it 30 years from now when your neighbours are building too. Do you want to see windows, siding and roofs everywhere?

You could build an energy efficient home that nestles under the treeline to take advantage of their shade and protection. New “green” building methods and products are becoming more available to help diminish your “carbon footprint” and maybe even take your cottage “off the grid” electrically. You would have a cottage to be proud of  --sustainable, comfortable, attractive, and almost invisible on the lake, yet still with the gorgeous views through the trees to the wonderful sparkling waters of Kahshe Lake.

Take up the challenge!

MacLean 2007

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