The Plan

  • Build up a data base of people willing to assist in various components of implementation of the plan;
  • Develop an inventory/data base of key contact persons at the Town, District, Provincial and Federal levels and at selected ratepayer organizations;
  • Lake stewardship;
  • Fundraising;
  • Research;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation.

What Has Happened

For many years, Eleanor MacLean and her late husband Gary maintained a database of members, other area residents, and key local government contacts.  Primary uses of the database included tracking membership dues payment status and producing mailing labels for newsletters and surveys.  It has been a large manual effort to keep track of the changes in information for the hundreds or area residents.

In addition to the membership database, Clare Henderson has maintained login information for the discussion forum on the KLRA website.  Eleanor and Clare have worked hard to keep this information in step.

This, the second version of the KLRA website, includes a single, integrated membership database, which provides member self-service capability.  We hope this will provide more current membership information and ease the work of those hardworking, underpaid people who are involved in the administration processes.  We'll still have a membership table at the AGM and other summer events because it's a lot of fun and provides a way to chat with members.

You'll find more information on lake stewardship in the Member Zone on this site - you'll need to sign in to access it.

A significant, successful fundraising effort was undertaken to fund the Kahshe Lake Study and Plan.  Well over one hundred members contributed over $22,000.  Since that time, the KLRA has not identified a need for ongoing fundraising, although that may change as some of the other Lake Plan initiatives continue to mature.  Over the years, some members have made contributions; these have gone into the Kahshe Lake Preservation Fund, to be used as needs arise.

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