Conservation Committee

The goal of the Conservation Committee is to protect the health of the natural environment of the lakes and the ecological communities that inhabit them, to manage the natural resources, and to record the social life on Kahshe and Bass Lakes.

Lake Steward

  • Test the water and report to the membership
  • Research and communicate by way of the web site and the newsletter.

Heritage Lands

  • Monitor and support the activities of the Muskoka Conservancy
  • Work with residents to find ways of preserving ecologically significant lands
  • Minimize to the extent possible, shoreline disturbance and destruction from future development
  • Encourage the re-naturalization of shorelines.

Healing Waters and KLRA Archives

  • Make Healing Waters available through the Boutique
  • Continue to accept cottage stories and make them available online
  • Add to the on line archive site.

Contact the Conservation Committee at

Kahshe Lake Ratepayers' Association (1994) Inc. (KLRA)
PO Box 1318, Gravenhurst, ON, Canada, P1P 1V5
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