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We come to Kahshe Lake and the area around it because of its natural beauty.  One need just look at The Seven Wonders of Kahshe Lake to be reminded of that fact.

The KLRA's motto says we are "dedicated to the preservation of the environment for our grandchildren and theirs!"

This responsibility crosses a number of KLRA committees, but two of them have it as their primary focus: the Lake Stewardship Committee and the Kahshe Heritage Lands Committee.  Click a link to learn more.

Below is an index of our Natural Environment area of the website.  As you look through it, be mindful that, in some cases, there are government regulations that affect our activities.  In all cases, however, we need to be mindful of our motto.

Our Natural Environment Pages

 Topic Summary   Regulations?
 Lake Stewardship and Shoreline Protection  Looking after our lakes with a focus on the water.  
 Wildlife  How we affect our wildlife.  
 Kahshe Heritage Lands  Working with Muskoka Heritage Foundation.
 Embrace the Night  Cut the light, enjoy the night.  
 21 New Ways to Think Green  Good practices for helping our environment.  
 Fires in Open Air  Planned fires - rules and good practice.  Yes
 Garbage  Managing our waste for minimum environmental impact.  Yes
 Seven Wonders of Kahshe Lake  Photos that celebrate why we are here.  
Renaturalization Project.pdf
 Photos of area by the dam that KLRA renaturalized. 

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