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In times of drought or extreme dryness, the Ministry of Natural Resources will declare a restricted fire zone in which open air fires including those set for warmth or cooking or anything else ARE NOT PERMITTED.  The Ministry of Natural Resources has the ultimate jurisdiction and must be adhered to at all times.

Watch for the restriction signal at the Muskoka Information Centre on the east side of Highway 11 past Severn Bridge and south of the South Kahshe Lake Road.

At other times, barbeques and fires for warmth or cooking are allowed without a permit as long as they are not greater than 75cm (30") in diameter or 90cm (36") in height.

There is an absolute prohibition of open air or yard incinerator fires within certain areas of the town in accordance with the Gravenhurst Burning Control By-law.

Otherwise, fires in open air are permitted providing the following regulations are followed.

Burning Regulations

No person shall set a fire in open air or permit a fire to burn:

  • using other than Class A combustible materials such as wood, cloth and paper;
  • on any travelled portion of any common and public highway;
  • on any asphalt surface;
  • within 15 metres of a structure or vehicle;
  • unless constantly attended by a responsible person until the fire is out;
  • without having apparatus, equipment, personnel and a supply of water at the ready, sufficient to control the fire;
  • under conditions whereby the wind may carry or expand the fire to another area;
  • in such a manner and condition that the smoke from it impairs the vision of a motorist at a distance of 150 metres or less;
  • which includes a fire in a yard incinerator except from 2 hours before sunset through the night to 2 hours after  sunrise;
  • unless placed in a single pile less than 2 metres in  diameter and less than 2 metres high;
  • within 2 metres of flammable materials;
  • within 5 metres of any forest;
  • in a yard incinerator unless enclosed and covered by a  heavy steel screen mesh with openings less than 5 mm.

Grass Fires

No person shall set a grass fire or permit it to burn in an area greater than 1 hectare (2.5 acres) unless a fire permit has been issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources;  or where the flaming edge is greater than 30 metres.

Contractors may burn in restricted areas with a permit from the MNR.

Failure to comply with the regulations will result in the fire being extinguished and charges laid.

If the fire department is dispatched to extinguish an illegal fire, a service fee of $250.00 will be levied.

Although the MNR no longer issues permits for small scale burning, their legislation still exists and must be obeyed.

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