Unless we manage our garbage properly, our natural environment suffers more than it has to.  Effects range from visual pollution to poisoning the soil and water.

The District of Muskoka is responsible for effective management of waste.  Visit their website at and follow the links to Services, Garbage and Recycling.  You’ll find information on a large number of topics, like:

  • Hazardous and electronic waste
  • Composting
  • Hours and locations of landfill sites
  • Recycling
  • Reuse buildings

Water Access or Private Road Users

Use bins at Denne’s, Rockhaven, and South  Kahshe Resort for household garbage and recyclables only.  These bins are placed and emptied by the District of Muskoka, but they are on property owned by our neighbours – please show respect for their property.

Furniture, appliances, renovation waste, building materials, paint cans, anything larger than a bread box,  must be taken to the Solid Waste Transfer Site on Beiers Rd. (705-687-8067) or risk the penalty of a fine.  There is no excuse for people leaving this kind of material beside the collection bins mentioned above – unless those people are dumber than the junk they are leaving there!

Hazardous Waste

Such things as pills, medicine, grooming products, barbecue starter, old paints, pesticides and toilet bowl cleaners become hazardous waste if released into the environment. 

DO NOT pour them into your septic system or into the lake or bury them or put them in the regular garbage.  Doing this may release toxic fumes, damage sewage systems and contaminate ground water and soil. 

Take them to the nearest hazardous waste depot at the Gravenhurst Solid Waste Transfer Site for proper disposal.  Contact Muskoka Waste Management on Internet or phone 705-645-2231 for a schedule of Hazardous Waste disposal dates.

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