by George Lindsay

In the fall 2007 KLRA newsletter, members were invited to submit their suggestions for the Seven Wonders of Kahshe Lake. Seven folks submitted a total of 24 suggestions. I know many of you who did not submit suggestions have their favourite part of being at Kahshe.

The judges had a difficult task selecting from the 24 amazing pictures, so they decided to include them all, and a couple of complimentary ones, as part of The Seven Wonders of Kahshe. The photographers have graciously given us permission to mount them on the KLRA web site.


Pileated%20-%20Greg%20Gulyas.jpgObviously birds touch our hearts, as judged by the number of submissions.

















Birds Credits:

Missy Mandel: Blue Heron, Pileated Woodpecker;

Greg Gulyas: Herons, Pileated Woodpecker;

Jenny Nice: Herons, Hummingbird, Turkey Vulture;

Randy Craig: Hummingbird;

Clint Rohr: Loon. 


That was the category for the beautiful sunrises, sunsets, clouds and rainbows. Weather is a big part of our lives on the lake.

Night Sky - Randy Craig.jpg 
Night Sky -Randy Craig 
 07- 451r Early morning mist Graham Carr.jpg
 Early Morning Mist -Graham Carr

Morning Sky and Loons on Kahshe - Susan Borden._jpg 
Morning Sky and Loons -Susan Borden 

07- 415er a wet day on Kahshe Graham Carr.jpg 
Wet Day on Kahshe Lake -Graham Carr


There are so many islands in Kahshe, we sometimes take them for granted. While many of the submissions had different subjects, it’s amazing how many included islands were on islands or taken from islands.


Islands - Randy Craig.jpg

 Islands -Randy Craig


07- 409er The last rays of summer Graham Carr.jpg


 Last Rays of Summer  -Graham Carr


07- 449er Shimmering waters Graham Carr.jpg

 Shimmering Waters -Graham Carr


Who would have guessed we would have winter as a Wonder of Kahshe? But three submissions focus on the beauty and enjoyment of the winter on Kahshe.


Winter Activities off Rockhaven - Clint Rohr.jpg

 On The Ice -Clint Rohr

Winter at Houseys Rapids - Jennie Nice.jpg 

Winter at Housey's Rapids -Jenny Nice 


 Deep Bay Winter View - Bill Irwin.JPG

 Deep Bay in Winter -Bill Irwin



LML October Fishing 001 - Rob Abbott.jpg

 Fishing in Winter -Rob Abbott


Vital to water purification, marshes, and beaver dams that create their own environment are another category.

 7 wonders - marsh Monet at Kahshe June 08 Alex Milburn.jpg

 Monet Marsh -Alex Milburn

 Kahshe Marsh in Winter - Missy Mandel.JPG

 Marsh in Winter -Missy Mandel


  Natural Phenomena

It was hard to name this category, but it is easy to understand why the ‘leaning pine’ seemingly growing out of rock, and the beautiful wildflowers – part of the regeneration in the land adjacent to the new South Kahshe Lake dam are part of the Seven Wonders of Kahshe Lake.



7 wonders - Grant Bay dam June 08 Alex Milburn.jpg

 Beaver Dam -Randy Craig



Leaning Pine - Randy Craig.jpg

 Leaning Pine -Randy Craig



Although this submission was focused on the ducks, the judges’ view that the young girls, one with her arm around the other’s shoulder, was a perfect example of friends enjoying nature at Kahshe Lake.


Ryan and Joey Borden Learning to Kayak - 2.jpg

 Ryan and Joey Again


Ryan and Joey Borden Learning to Kayak.jpg

 Ryan and Joey Learning to Kayak






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