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The History Project

One of the projects that are a part of the Lake Plan is the History Project. The goal of this project was to record as much of the history of the Kahshe Lake and the area surrounding it as possible.

What resulted was the collection and publication of two volumes of history called The Healing Waters of Kahshe Lake, Volume 1 and Volume 2. 

NOTE: Both of these volumes are available from the On Line Store for a $20 donation to the Kahshe Lake Preservation Fund plus mail costs.

The production of these volumes of stories about life on the lake was funded by the Kahshe Lake Plan Implementation Committee (KLPIC), which has been replaced by the Kahshe Conservation Committee (KCC).

The Healing Waters of Kahshe Lake

Clare is still accepting stories about cottage life, although there is no intention of publishing paper copies of Volume 3 for some time.  On the other hand, stories are published on line in the form of a blog available by clicking on this link:  Healing Waters

Further stories can be sent to Clare at

Have a look at some examples  by clicking on Cottage Stories

Archival Material

While collecting material for the Healing Waters series, some pictures and documents came to Clare that were not publishable, but that were nevertheless part of the history of the lake.  These materials are collected as an archive that is available  by clicking on this link.

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