Education and Communications

The Plan

  • Develop a library of environmental and lake planning documents which can be accessed by members of the associations;
  • 2002 Handbook;
  • Encourage residents to adopt shoreline protection measures;
  • Educate residents on the requirements for shoreline protection;
  • Encourage residents to adopt “environmentally friendly” practices at their homes;
  • Encourage local merchants to stock environment friendly cleaning products and lawn and garden products;
  • Educate all residents on dangers of uses of such other polluting products, and where and how to obtain environmentally friendly products, and plan garden areas not requiring hazardous or nutrient products;
  • Encourage the use of the latest phosphate-reducing technology systems for waste handling in both new and existing residences;
  • Prepare a map to identify areas to avoid when boating – due to shallow areas, vegetation communities, etc., for distribution at marinas and to residents;
  • Explore the feasibility (in conjunction with the Dept of Fisheries and Oceans) of setting up markers in front of sensitive environmental lands that would be susceptible to boating damage, to slow boat traffic in those areas and protect the shorelines;
  • Sponsor programs on safe boating practices and work with marinas and government agencies to ensure a high level of boating awareness on the lake; and,
  • Recognize that boating is an intrinsic part of recreational experiences on the lakes; there should be a place to accommodate various boating experiences.

Kahshe Lake Ratepayers' Association (1994) Inc. (KLRA)
PO Box 1318, Gravenhurst, ON, Canada, P1P 1V5
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