2012 Rock Marker Renewal Initiative

We've Got Rocks in Our Lake!

There are rocks in Kahshe Lake - who knew?  Well, it turns out many of us know from experience, which is why the KLRA has been progressively marking them.  Since Kahshe Lake is not considered as "navigable waters" by our federal government, we are left on our own to provide navigation markers.

The 2012 Rock Marker Renewal Initiative was aimed at improving current markers and extending the scope of marking.  A very successful fundraising campaign indicated how important this initiative was to the Kahshe community.


  • To upgrade all main navigation hazard markers in designated, commonly-used channels to commercial grade lighted UV protected polyethylene makers.
  • To upgrade hazard markers in less commonly-used channels spherical fenders (18 inch)
  • To construct three ground-mounted lighted hazard markers (lighthouse style)
  • To upgrade lighting on current ground-mounted markers (lighthouses)
  • To increase the number of markers on the lake from 27 to 31 (2012)
  • To survey the South-West part of the Lake and develop a hazard marking plan.


Samples of the planned buoys are shown below. 

Column BuoyThe column buoy is 10 inches in diameter and stands 39 inches above the water, providing much improved visibility.  Labels are optional and can be chosen based on the needs of the hazard and area being marked.  High-visibility solar lighting can be affixed to the top of the column.  These buoys are shown as green diamonds on the map below.  One of these buoys is now installed between Erin Island and Chief Island (RM12 on the maps).

The 18-inch round buoy will be used to mark hazards near commonly-travelled channels.  They are shown on the map as orange circles.

Lighthouses will also be used in a few locations.  They are shown on the map as red squares.


The map below shows the 2013 plan for upgraded markers. To see the map larger, open it in another tab in your browser.


¯ KLRA Rock Marker (Tower buoy, lighted)

š  KLRA Rock Marker (Spherical buoy. 18 inch.)

¨  KLRA Rock Marker (Lighthouse)

-----undefined  Commonly-traveled channels

You can also access an interactive Google Maps version here.


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