The Kahshe Lake Archives


The Kahshe Lake History Project’s Archives
arranged and introduced
by Clare Henderson
The Healing Waters of Kahshe Lake contains many stories of cottaging families as well as a more comprehensive history of this area of Muskoka. In collecting the material for the two volumes of Healing Waters, I ran across several documents that did not fit the concept of a print history. However, they are very interesting because they tell the inside story of life on and around Kahshe Lake from early on until recent times.
What is an archive? A collection of original documents and photographs that tell us much about aspects of life in the past.
The materials in these archives have been generously loaned to us by residents of Kahshe Lake so we can make them available them on the web for future generations to read and view and see what life on the lake was like in earlier times.
These are, of course, fragments of a much larger picture. The story of the development of Kahshe Lake is large and complex. If you have documents and pictures that you are willing to share with others, please send them to us.
Maps, documents, letters, old photos can be included. In fact anything that can be scanned, even in part, is fodder for an archive.

More archival material  is available for viewing at  and you can see more examples below.

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                                                                                 Our Studebaker

This priceless picture comes from the albums of the Moad Family of Kahshe Lake. It is entitled simply, "Our Studebaker."



This tax notice shows the assessed value of 135 acres to be $110 and the total taxes for the year 1949 to be $6.49.



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