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  • 02 May 2021 12:54 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The annual Kahshe Photo Contest celebrating the beauty of our lake, its people and its good times is now open to receive your three best photos. Closing date is August 13 at 4:00. Email your jpgs to us at

  • 29 Apr 2021 12:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Bass Lake Public Survey Now Open!

    The goal of the survey is to gather information on lake use and observations of water quality, and how it has changed over time. We are seeking input from members of the lake association, those who live or work on or near the lake, those who use the lake for recreational purposes, and others with knowledge about the lake to help inform the causation study. We know that these stakeholders have data, information, and observations to share which is critical to our current and historical understand of the lake.

    Anyone with specific knowledge about Bass lake and overall water quality on the lake is asked to complete the survey to share this information with us. The survey can be accessed at the link below and will be available until May 27th, 2021.

    Take the survey now!

  • 22 Dec 2020 2:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This year has been an interesting year - but in ways we never imagined.
    On behalf of the Kahshe Lake Ratepayers Association I would like to send our best wishes to you and your family for health and happiness in the coming year.
    Stay well, stay safe and enjoy this holiday season.

    Margaret Taylor
    President of KLRA

  • 10 Dec 2020 11:22 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As noted in the December 5, 2020 news item below, the harmful algal bloom detected in November in the Oak Road area has now been considered resolved by the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit. If you would like additional detail on the investigation findings, that information has now been included in the Lake Health portal of the KLRA's web site. Just go to Algal Alerts and the link within the Overview document will take you to the updated document (or click here).

    Ron Pearson - Lake Steward

  • 05 Dec 2020 9:41 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Just received a note via Muskoka411 News that the Kahshe Lake algal alert that was issued on November 11, 2020 was lifted Dec 4, 2020. As such, the water sample collected by the Ministry on November 24 has come back as not detected for microcystin.

    I checked the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit's algal tracking page and can confirm that It now shows as "RESOLVED".

    Ron Pearson, Lake Steward

  • 05 Dec 2020 4:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

  • 02 Dec 2020 4:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    FOCA has created a new e-list for updates on the Electricity issue.

  • 23 Nov 2020 12:33 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Good news! The analysis results for the sample collected by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) on Nov 9 have come back as not detected. However, as the release of toxins can occur as the bloom cells die off, the MECP will be re-sampling for toxin analysis again this week to confirm that the bloom is no longer there and that concentrations of toxin in the water have remained below detection.

    If those sampling results confirm continued not detected levels and that the bloom is no longer there, they will be forwarded to the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit, and the Harmful Algal Bloom Alert currently posted on the SMHU site will have its status changed to RESOLVED. Until then, the Alert and the associated limitations on water use remain in effect.

    Ron Pearson

    Lake Steward

  • 20 Nov 2020 5:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I have been in touch with staff from both the Simcoe-Muskoka Health Unit (SMHU) and the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MEPC) this week, and unfortunately, the MEPC’s laboratory analysis of the water sample(s) from the Oak Road blue-green algal bloom [referred to as a Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB)] area on November 11 has not yet been completed. They are analyzing for microcystin, a chemical toxin commonly associated with HABs. Ministry staff indicated to me today that the results can take up to 30 days, but as soon as the Sr. Environmental Officer who collected the samples receives the results from the Ministry laboratory, they will be relayed immediately to the SMHU. This differs from the information I was given by SMHU staff last Friday, as they expected the microcystin results from the MECP to be available by Monday (Nov 17).

    I have also noted that the SMHU web site now shows a total of 12 ongoing HAB Alerts, one Lifted Alert and six Resolved Alerts for a total of 19 HAB Alerts issued in 2020 to date. One of those was reported even later than the one on Kahshe Lake. In total, there are now 17 different HAB-impacted lakes in the Muskoka-Simcoe area of Ontario, and this is more than twice as many as in 2019 (8) and three-fold greater than in 2018 (6). One piece of good news is that one of our KLRA members in the Beaver Bay area (west of Boyd Is) had his own lake water and filtered drinking water analyzed for microcystin at his own expense this week, and all three samples came back non-detected.   

    I will continue to keep in touch with the MECP and SMHU staff and will update the KLRA as well as the Oak Road Cottagers’ Association members, the KL Community and KL Waterfront Community Facebook groups regarding the status of the water analysis as soon as I get the information.

    Ron Pearson

    Kahshe and Bass Lake Steward

  • 13 Nov 2020 1:44 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    In an effort to keep everyone up to date on the recent Blue Green Algae outbreak on Kahshe Lake, our Lake Steward Ron Pearson, will be presenting and answering questions on this topic tomorrow. 

    WHEN:  Saturday November 14th ar 6:00 P.M. ET on Kahshe Lake Community’s. Facebook page;.   

    To attend the Presentation:

    You must belong to the Kahshe Lake Community Facebook page that was created and is maintained by Lauren Koenig.  

    Please join as soon as possible if you wish to attend the presentation. 

     Below is the link to the presentation

    Margaret Taylor. R.N.

    President of KLRA

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