Approach to Implementing The Kahshe Lake Plan

After the  KLP2001 committee achieved its goal by directing the development of the Kahshe Lake Plan from July 2001 to the fall of 2002, the KLRA Board created a committee to ensure the effective implementation of the recommendations made by the consultant in cooperation with the KLP2001 Committee.

Original KLRA Board Motion: "That a committee called The Kahshe Lake Plan Implementation Committee 2002 (KLPIC2002) be established to guide the implementation of the recommendations in the Lake Plan for the period of time required until the activities are either completed or assumed under the direct control of the KLRA Board."  The KLPIC2002 Committee was responsible to the KLRA Board.

Initially, the KLPIC2002 (also referred to simply as KLPIC) created seven sub-committees, each of which was to handle some of the initiatives from The Kahshe Lake Plan.  In August 2004, the KLRA Board assumed direct responsibility, based on a recommendation of KLPIC, for four of the sub-committees: The Political Action Committee, The Water Quality Committee (later The Lake Stewardship Committee), The Town and District Liaison Committee and The Water Access Committee.

At this point, KLPIC retained responsibility for three sub-committees: The Kahshe Heritage Lands Committee, The History Project and The POPA Technical Acceptance Project.  The rationale was:

  • The POPA Technical Acceptance Project, split off from the Town and District Liaison Committee and newly named: The KLPIC had a body of knowledge gained over the prior three years that was required to continue the ongoing action to have the Town and District accept our POPAs.  (POPA = Proposed Official Plan Amendments)

  • The Kahshe Heritage Lands Committee had just been formed and required an active, hands on approach to initiate its process and meet its goals.

  • The History Project had been, and will continue to be, financed by the Kahshe Lake Preservation Fund, which is a responsibility of KLPIC.

The KLRA Organization

And so, by August 2004, the organization had been defined that would effectively implement and sustain the recommendations of The Kahshe Lake Plan.  Read more about the KLRA organization here.  You will need to be logged in to view this information.

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