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  • 01 May 2022 3:28 PM
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    Called the township and left a message for the mayor and district council regarding taxes, water access, no services. Everyone needs to call and complain. We have no services as a water access cottage and pay higher taxes. Demanded tax reduction and  free parking and docking on government land as per most other lakes in the Muskoka’s

  • 02 May 2022 5:38 PM
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    As an island water access tax paying cottages for over 60 years I fully endorse this initiative. 

    before making my call and writing a letter I would appreciate any facts and information behind the notion that government funded parking/docking services are in place and common on most lakes in Muskoka. 

    I think that is important information and would appreciate a sharing of any facts available.  


    bob baron   - - 416 460 2956

  • 02 May 2022 9:10 PM
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    Thank you for reaching out to provide feedback on waste collection in the Kahshe Lake community. 
    We understand this change is difficult, and we appreciate your feedback about the alternate servicing plan for island property owners.


    Direction was received from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) in June 2019 to transition all District unlicensed, unstaffed dumpster sites to alternate waste collection service. This spring, bins servicing the Kahshe Lake Community (Bin Site 21 – Dennes Marina at the office & Bin Site 72 – Rockhaven Resort) will be removed.

    Following consultation and a survey in January 2021 seeking feedback from residents utilizing the bin sites around Kahshe Lake, 90% of the 141 respondents preferred Lakeside Waste Collection. A copy of the survey results can be found here.After reviewing the survey results and engaging with the Kahshe Lake Ratepayer’s Association (KLRA), and stakeholders, the Kahshe Lake community will transition to Lakeside Waste Collection starting May 22, 2022


    In consultation with the KLRA, extended summer hours at the Beiers (Gravenhurst) Transfer Station will be in effect from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, starting the Sunday of the May long weekend.

    For more information, including a full schedule and times the trucks will arrive – visit our Lakeside Waste Collection project page at

    We’re here to help – if you have questions, please reach out to our team at or 705-645-6764.


    Elizabeth Litchfield 
    Project Manager, Solid Waste Management
    Phone: (705) 645-2100 x4445
    Fax: (705) 645-7599

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    Hi, I am writing to complain about the water access garbage pick up. This is neither helpful or right. I pay huge taxes on my property plus have to pay for docking and parking yet get no services and now you have cut off our garbage service. Funny how road access get services and less taxes than us with water access. I believe the best solution is a 50 percent reduction in taxes.
    I have no services and can not use the school system up here yet get forced to pay more.
    Please advise what you are going to do to make this proper and right.
    Waiting for your explanation why we should stand for this.

    KLRA member from 1020 Kahshe lake.

  • 02 May 2022 9:11 PM
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    Sorry this is unacceptable. The road access people are not put out at all, but the people who can’t use any services and pay higher taxes now have to interrupt their weekend plans or go out of their way and add 30 minutes to their commute get nothing. I am forwarding this to everyone I know who’s involved and only have water access, That we do not mean anything but tax money to the township. We are not able to use road access services. 

      Example I pay school taxes in Muskoka as well as in my home town but can’t use the school services in Muskoka. I have no water or sewer service but pay for development of this for Muskoka.

    All we want is equal services and taxes as people with road access but we feel like second class citizens. Every single person I have spoken to who is water access agrees we are treated differently but pay more. 

    It is time for a change.

    I am attaching pictures of the full bins this weekend they were empty when I came up Friday yet overflowing Sunday. Funny how there were less than 15 water access cottages up. Yes I counted the boats in the water. The bins are being filled by road access people so if you want to be fair stop all collection and make everyone equal. Road access can go to the dump everyday. 

    Very disappointed  in our elected officials.



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  • 03 May 2022 10:41 AM
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    Thank you so much for taking the initiative to contact the town regarding their very poor "solution" for the garbage collection.

    One other point to add is that all the dock parking spaces at the Nagaya road parking lot are private paid parking spaces. Everyone who parks their boats and cars pays for those spaces. That is not a government dock. Unless I am misunderstanding the location of the Sunday garbage pickup spot. I am sure that folks are not wanting to have their private boat spaces used for garbage drop off. 

    I urge everyone who is impacted by this unacceptable garbage plan to do as Dave has done and contact the town.  (there is even an email address you can used to contact them included in one of their responses).

    Susan Mueller 

  • 04 May 2022 11:42 AM
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    For the record, the KLRA has spent countless hours in communication with the District over the past 2.5 years to delay the removal of the bins and to find a better solution to our waste collection options for water access cottagers.

    Sadly, even with the real threat of losing them, the bins continued to be abused with illegal dumping. No matter who the culprits are, this has ruined it for the rest of our community. We feel the collective pain of the loss of the bins that is being discussed on our website and social media. Many of our board members are water access cottagers who understand the major, logistical challenge this will create this summer.

    HOWEVER, please know that your Board has not given up finding the best solution possible. We cannot stop what has been mandated by the Ministry of the Environment but we can continue to let our concerns be known to our local and provincial representatives. We will be closely monitoring the Sunday drop off day and will provide regular feedback to the District.

    We encourage all those affected to contact the District directly. In addition, you can comment on the KLRA's Facebook, Twitter or website pages which will provide an on-line dialogue over the course of the next few months.

    We will have a representative from the District at our annual AGM planned for Sat June 25th 10-12pm at the Gravenhurst Opera House. This will provide an excellent forum for our members to speak their minds and to be heard.

    April Drane, President

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