Kahshe Quest 3

  • 30 Jul 2022
  • 14 Aug 2022
  • Kahshe and Bass Lakes

Kahshe Quest 3


Kahshe Quest 3 will take place over a two week period from

July 30th to August 14th.

Who can participate?

Anyone - in one of two divisions:

Adult or Youth (16 and under)

Give your team an interesting name.

How to enter

i.        Answer sheets, Instructions and optional entry forms are here:

Instructions and Answer Sheet

Entry Form

ii.       Written versions will be available at the Kahshe Regatta at Nagaya Beach on Saturday July 30th between 10am and 2pm.

iii.       Online entry forms should be sent to keithonkahshe@bell.net by the following Sunday - August 7th

iv.      Written entry forms can be dropped off at Denne’s Boat Launch Hut subtleties.progressed.suckle by 5pm on Sunday August 7th or you can submit an online entry form.

Entry forms will give me an idea how many commemorative pens to order.  If you don’t submit an entry form, you can still participate and be eligible to win one of the prizes, but you risk not receiving a commemorative pen.

What is involved?

There will be two parts to the event:

A.     The what3words Quest.

The instructions will include the what3words addresses of 27 locations on Kahshe and Bass Lakes to be visited in any order over the course of 2 weeks.  At 17 locations there will be a word sign that must be photographed with at least one team member in the picture.  The remaining 10 locations are distinctive sites and should also be photographed with a team member clearly showing that you are at that site.

Note that you will need the free what3words app in order to identify these locations

B.     The Quest Short Story Contest

1.      This part is optional and intended mainly for Youth participants, although I would be delighted to receive Adult offerings also.

2.      Write a Quest story of 300-1500 words, incorporating at least 12 of the 17 words you have found and 4 of the 10 distinctive features, NOT the locations themselves, just the type of feature. Please highlight the first occurrence only of these words and features. 

3.      Your quest can take place anywhere and any when.  Let your imaginations run riot. The best entries will be published in the Krier over the next few issues.

How to submit Quest answers

Quest 3 will end at 6pm on Sunday August 14

i.        Online answers should be sent to keithonkahshe@bell.net by 6pm on Sunday August 14

ii.       Hard copy answers (Times New Roman 15pt or Helvetica Neue 13pt) can be dropped off:

during the Fishing Derby on August 13th at the Erin Swirla / Luke Miller cottage between 8am and 4pm,


or at Denne’s Dock between 3pm and 4pm,


or at the Price cottage by Sunday August the 14th before 6pm.


How to submit your short story

Short story entries should be sent to keithonkahshe@bell.net by Sunday August 21st, and will be judged by a high school English teacher who has no connection to Kahshe.

Please use Times New Roman 15pt or Helvetica Neue 13pt and

 highlight the first occurrence only of all the sign words and features  that you used.


The Quest: First, Second and Third place teams in both divisions will receive Kahshe Boutique vouchers for $25, $15 and $10 respectively.

The Short Story:  Again Kahshe Boutique vouchers for $25, $15 and $10 will be awarded to the 3 best Youth stories.  If there are enough adult Quest stories we will offer Boutique vouchers to the best one or two.

All participants will receive a commemorative pen.

Announcement of results and Awarding of prizes

Announcement of the Quest results and the distribution of prizes will be made at Nagaya Beach at the end of the 5K Run for Charity on Saturday August 20th. Short story winners will be announced in the September Krier and prizes will be distributed by e-mail.


1.       Stay safe.

2.       Have fun.

3.       All pictures should be taken from the water.  Do not trespass on private property.

4.       Play fair.  Do not steal any of the signs since this would involve breaking Rules 3 and 1.

It is strongly recommended that you travel by paddle power or in a small-engined tinny.  Leave the big boats at home.  Who can afford the gas anyway?!!!


Contact me: keithonkahshe@bell.net or 416-272-1486.

Keith Price

My thanks to the organisers of the Regatta, the Fishing Derby and the 5K Run for being part of Quest 3.

My thanks also to Denne's Marina for agreeing to accept signs at the Boat Launch Hut.


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