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Blue-Green Algae Bloom on Kahshe

11 Nov 2020 4:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

To all members . 

This morning I learned of a POSITIVE TEST for BLUE-GREEN ALGAE from the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit. 

Positive result location: West side of Kahshe Lake from a sample off of Oak Road. 

I have contacted Gravenhurst Mayor Paul Kelly and they have just issued the announcement on the Town Web Site. 

At that time I also requested signs be placed at entry to the lake, which has now been ordered and also that Nagaya Beach area be closed. Further asks will be made to the town regarding the need for on going water quality testing of the Nagaya Beach area and the lake through the Town to the Simcoe Muskoka Health unit. 

Please do not drink the water and it is very important that you read the precautions set out by the Town and Simcoe Muskoka Health unit! 

Ron Pearson our Lake Stewart has added this information and plans to add more to our January Newsletter:

The three contributors to nutrient loading where we can make a difference include: 

  1. Pumping out and having our septic systems (tanks/leaching beds) inspected on a regular basis;  
  2. Managing our shorelines to keep them as natural and as vegetated as possible to minimize soil erosion directly into the lake, and; 
  3. Completely avoiding the use of phosphorus or nitrogen fertilizers on any existing lawns, gardens or flower beds in the vicinity of the shoreline. 

Other sources that are beyond our control include wildlife feces, rain-fall and in-flow from rivers/other lakes. 

Please see the links below for all the information available at this time.

Marg Taylor. R.N.

President of KLRA,4a157399-12be-4495-898d-93e3ce15a2a6,ebae7b28-33be-430e-b843-4f0d37d09540,23d30687-63eb-437d-aa07-39fba970e7b9,2c1eb433-5445-4416-aba2-842e226b5898,b453e88d-b6e9-439b-8746-8586013a30ea,447b9424-9632-4668-b10e-906cddd29290,57051579-0115-4f6a-8176-f3481c3631e8&newsId=015d0282-64c4-4e1a-80e4-28d0d1470104#

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