The Lake Plan

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The most ambitious KLRA project began in July 2000.  The project was to develop a lake plan for Kahshe and Bass Lakes, and the surrounding area.  You can read about how the project evolved by going to The Lake Plan Project page.  This page will inform you how The Kahshe Lake Plan drives everything the KLRA does.

Purpose of the Strategic Plan

  • To protect and enhance all aspects of the quality of life on Kahshe and Bass Lakes and their immediate surroundings;
  • To maintain and enhance the environmental integrity of the lakes and their immediate surroundings;
  • To encourage residents to respect the rights of their neighbours to enjoy the qualities that make the lakes special; and,
  • To provide mechanisms for liaisons with Municipal and Government bodies to ensure the long term interests of the lake residents are reflected in decisions made at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.


  • Change can be managed to maintain and enhance the quality of life that is important to the residents of Kahshe and Bass Lakes.
  • Respect for the natural environment is key to all actions on the lake.
  • Respect for our neighbours, their rights to privacy and enjoyment of their individual properties and of the lake, provides a foundation for cooperation and cooperative action.
  • No one group or individual has the responsibility to protect the quality of life on the lakes.

Individual and Collective Action

There is recognition that, both individually and collectively, the residents of Kahshe and Bass Lakes can make a difference to the quality of life on the lakes.

  • The Associations can provide a key liaison between the residents of the lakes and all levels of government (Town, District, Provincial and Federal).
  • The Associations can take direct action to ensure that those features that contribute to the quality of the environment are protected, maintained and enhanced.
  • Lake residents can and should take an active role in identifying future directions for the lakes and in protecting the resources that characterize Kahshe and Bass Lakes.

  • The Lake Plan Project spawned several initiatives.  You'll find more about them on the Lake Plan Initiatives page.

    The key documents produced by the Lake Plan Project are on the Lake Plan Documents page.

    You can read about the approach taken to implement The Kahshe Lake Plan by going here.

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