Water Levels 2012

  • 22 May 2012 5:35 PM
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    The water levels at the dam are taken weekly and reported to the District so water in Kahshe Lake can be kept at an optimum level.  In the summer, the water level drops because of evaporation. The number is meters above sea level.

    October 7       242.15. About the same as last week. Happy Thanksgiving,                                     and see you in the spring!!! Sandi

    September 31  242.16 - slowly coming up!

    September 23 242.15

    September 16 242.11, down a bit from last week!!!!

    September 9  242.12, so it's back up a bit FINALLY.

    From Friday - Saturday we had 30mm of rain, and Saturday p.m. we had 14mm more, for a total over the weekend of 44mm.

    September 2 The lake level is 242.09, or 1 notch below the 242.10 level.

    Checking the Kahshe Lake Rule Curve that I was given by Steve Taylor in May of 2006, the level should be 242.30. so the lake is WAY BELOW what it should be. We did have 25mm of rain this past Monday/Tuesday, but the ground is so dry that all the water is sinking in rather than creating any run-off back into the lake. -Sandi

    August 26  242.115

    August 19  242.14. No major rains this week, and the level of the lake has dropped a bit

    August 12  242.15, up a bit

    August 5  Craft Show 2012: 242.14, but hope the rain will help as it runs into the lake! My rain gauge said we received 14 mm

    July 29   242.15!  Getting very low.

    July 22  242.19 !  Let's hope we get some significant rain tomorrow!!

    July 15  242.24!! The gauge at that level is almost rusted away..M.maybe we should all do a "rain dance"!   

    July 8    242.29. Yikes - the rocks are growing!!!!

    July  1   242.34. Seems to be dropping rather fast.

    June 24 242.40 - down in spite of the rain Sunday. Rain was 18mm. only here. Dam has all logs in, and no longer flowing over the weir

    June 17 242.43

    June 3 242.44 Lots of rain

    May 22 242.48 with all the logs in the dam. Water is starting to drop already.

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  • 28 Aug 2012 2:26 PM
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    Thanks for the updates Clare.  Very interesting.
  • 11 Sep 2012 1:52 PM
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    Bob Reyburn supplied this graph of water levels this summer: LakeLevels2012.pdf

    File was updated Oct 8 to provide the final reading for the season.
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