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  • 13 May 2010 1:55 PM
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    On Dec, 1, 2009, my docks broke loose from their winter moorings in Grants Bay.

    But with the help of the KLRA, who sent out an e-mail to our members, I have retrieved my docks in good condition.

    Things just keep getting better. When I arrived at the public dock at Dennes
    yesterday to retrieve the one dock, I was informed that my other dock, and connecting ramp had been pulled out of the water to make room for docking.

     My complete docking system was at Dennes all winter. I made arrangements with Dennes and 2 young lads delivered my docks to me.


    (There are 2 docks, chained front and rear to each other.
    One piece is 6 ft x 16 ft, the other 8' x 24'. There were 2 wooden triangular
    pieces on the larger dock. Note: the docks were chained to a tree, so I
    guess the chains holding them together could also be weak.        

    I thank you for your assistance, and look forward to saying so
    in person.   

    Tom Alexander

    Home Phone# 416-243 0442  Cottage 705-689 6759 )

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  • 28 May 2010 8:34 PM
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    I would like to thank the many good neighbours who responded

    to my call for help in finding my wandering docks. It gave me

    a real feeling of comunity to realize that we of the KLRA are

    looking out for each other. Thank you.

            I should also thank Bob at Dennes Marina for braving

    the chilling December winds and waves to secure my docks

    for winter.  Thank you Bob, and thanks to the 2 young men

    who assisted me in installing them for this season.

            You have all been a great reminder to me, that we are

    ALL neighbours.           Tom  and Ramona Alexander

                                     Grants Bay 


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