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  • 11 Jan 2010 9:10 PM
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    [This item is from the Good Neighbour Resource Book.  It was written by Eleanor MacLean.]


    We are used to a lot of noise whether we are aware of it or not.  Comparing our life on Kahshe Lake with what our forebears experienced, the most outstanding difference is the amount of noise. 


    Some people on our lake right now can remember back to the times when there were no power boats on the lake, perhaps 50 to 70 years ago - not that long really.  But what it means is that there was very little power of any kind on the lake - no electricity, few gasoline motors.  Think about what that would mean to our ordinary lives - no lawn mowers, no sound systems, no TVs, no chain saws, no fans, (and there are fans on everything from computers to microwaves) no racing boats, no PWCs.  “Boring!” the kids would say. But there were whip-poor-wills, frogs, and hymn sings on the porch on Sunday nights.


    How much difference do noise levels make to good health and well-being?  Studies have shown a correlation between noise and stress, learning and well-being. It is certainly true that people can be extremely frustrated and aggravated by noise.


    All the trees and water around us disguise the fact that there are many many people living around the lakes.  Sometimes we think if we can’t see them they are not there! But no - our neighbours are certainly there and their houseguests as well.  Perhaps we should all try to think of our neighbours when we are doing noisy projects or playing music outside.


    Let’s get some commonsense rules going:

    1. No noisy yard work before 9:00am

    2. No noisy outdoor parties after 11:00pm on a regular basis.

    3. If you have to make noise do it in short periods and give it a rest. That goes for noisy boats too.

    4. Remember sound carries unbelievably more outside than in and even more across water.  Your teenagers will never believe you unless they experience it for themselves.

    Personally, I love the sound of a guitar and a group of people singing quietly on the beach around a campfire on a Saturday night.  That’s not noise!

    E. MacLean

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