Algae water issue

  • 22 Oct 2021 1:56 PM
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    There has been excellent attention to outbreaks and information about how the water in the lake is affected. My concern is about remedial responses and cooperative community responses.

    1) Mandatory Inspection of all septic systems close to the waters edge. What should the guideline(s) be...50 ft. 100 ft, 50 yards etc

    2) Mandatory inspection of the septic sysytems of all properties with 50 ft or less lake frontage.

    3) Is the water regulated by the Gravenhurst dam also checked for algae?

    4) How does the algae situation affect the quality of the fish in the lake. Are the fish edible?

    5) Has this issue been raised at the annual KLRA meetings?

    Thanks folks for your your attention....Tony Muhitch


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