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Chris Wilson, Second Place, Kids on Kahshe

2018 Kahshe Photo Contest

Here are the rules.  Please note the change for 2017 to include flowers, etc. in the Wildlife category.

There are five categories. Four are for adult (over 12) photographers:

*Kahshe Nature: Landscape (the natural beauty of Kahshe throughout the year)

*Kahshe Nature: Wild Life: Flora and Fauna (the wide range of wildlife from insects to birds to animals to flowers) New for 2017.

*Life on Kahshe (people and good times on Kahshe)

*Kids on Kahshe (kids being kids at, on and in Kahshe).

Plus, there’s *Kids’ Eye View, a special category for photographers 12 and under and an opportunity for young people to use their imagination and capture special moments on Kahshe.


The contest period runs from the end of the last contest (July 22, 2016), until 4:00 pm, July 28, 2017. That means any Kahshe photo taken after noon July 22, 2016 and submitted before the deadline can be eligible.

Each entrant can submit up to 3 photos. (One in each category, all in one category or any combination)

To submit photos, attach them in jpeg format to an e-mail and send to photocontest@kahshelake.ca In the e-mail give the full name of the photographer and his or her age if 12 or under. Please provide a telephone number for notification of special prizes.

Make the category of each photo clear. Receipt of the photos will be confirmed.

Note: Photos not in jpeg format will be disqualified.

Check past photos and winners for ideas.

Prizes and certificates of participation will be awarded at the Kahshe Lake Craft Show and Sale on August 2 at 12:00 noon.

The Fine Print

Your entry into this contest indicates your willingness to allow  KLRA to display your photos on our website, newsletter,  Facebook page and Twitter accounts, in addition to including them as illustrations on a calendar or other other promotional material.  

Photos must be received prior to the deadline established by the committee and communicated on the website and KLRA newsletter.

All judges’ decisions are final.

The Contest is coordinated by Clare Henderson, Cathy Dunphy and Toby Fletcher.

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